Born in a small town in the Allegany Mountains of Western Maryland. Thomas spent his early years bowling, drawing cartoons, playing the numbered keyboard, and dreaming about the world outside of small town America. After receiving his BA at West Virginia University, he took his first and last corporate job selling orange juice to the state of Florida.Thomas spent the next decade traveling back and forth to Asia and Europe while maintaining his home in Portland, Or. These years were instrumental in developing his love and craft in physical theater and world music. The following is a selected list of Thomas’ creative endeavors:


* Madcap Vaudeville and Madcap Video 2012-present,

     *Director, writer  and actor of comedic ensemble for live performance and short form video

      * Performed live at OCF Vaudeville stages, and theaters/clubs in Portland, Or

      * Produced dozens of short form videos

•Tommy Twimble 2007-present, solo entertainer, producer and writer

   *Toured as solo performer internationally in festivals, theater houses, schools, clubs and private events (See Performances)

   * Hired by Wanderlust Circus, Le Cirque de Boheme, Swingtime Vaudiville, and Rose City Vaudeville and dozens of other ensembles. 

• Storyteller 2004-present

  • Hired through Dream On Productions , Mexico City School Tour playing 16 shows

  * Has performed in over 100 libraries/schools/events in the educational world blending circus and story. 

•Rhythmic Opera 2002-2012, creator •Performance introducing world percussion and music making with found objects. Focusing on physical theater, story, myth, history, and participation

  •Gigs in schools, libraries, festivals, and educational conferences in OR and WA

•Musician 1996-present, percussion, piano, flutes, santoor, accordion

   •Composed and produced two music Cds: “Invisible Bazaar”, “Eastern Journeys”, and a children’s Cd, “A Treat of a Beat”

   •Film Scoring for four films: “Inside Iraq”, “Dark Water Rising”, “Amazing Thailand”, “Travels to Cambodia”.

   •Teacher, studio musician, and engineer/producer with his recording studio, ‘Thosho”

   •Performed in the Northwest, NYC, Holland and Spain with theater and dance projects

•Theater of the Invisible Co. 2001-04,

   •Created and performed live, original music for three productions. • Director: Gywwne Warner

•Thomas and his Musical Tales 1999-03, creator

   •Performed and created original stories and music using handmade puppets at schools and libraries

•Monkey Thump Ensemble 1999, puppeteer

   •San Francisco based theater company performing with life sized puppets and percussion.

•Portland Playback Theater Ensemble 2001-3, Live musician and player•Performances for corporate, state organizations, schools, etc.

•Children of Paradise 1997-2003•Percussionist and santoor player for tribal gypsy music project.

  Performances included the Portland art museum, universities, clubs, etc..


 ****** Thomas gives much credit and thanks to the Dell Arte’ School of Physical Theater, the Celebration Barn, and his teachers, Robert Post , Gywnne Warner, Rod Smith, Randall Stuart, and Avner the Eccentric.


                                                                               ------------- RELATED SKILLS----------------

New Vaudeville Skills: Eccentric Clown, Mime, Hat tricks, Juggling and Balancing, Magic, Audience Engagement, Storytelling, Mask work, Music Instruments: Piano, Accordion, Percussionist, Acting Training: Barbara Kite 6 months, Second City Sketch and Improv Intensive , Chicago


"Tommy Schroyer's charming comic character is a descendant of Chaplin's Tramp, but with routines about such modern concerns as meditation classes and vibrating cell phones"

              The Oregonian


"By expression, movement, and attitude, Thomas invites us into his non- verbal universe and manages to draw the audience to him from the moment he arrives on stage. I would highly recommend Thomas as a professional and very creative performer and his craft at mime is at its best". 

         Michel Michelis - producer Le Cirque de Bohome


“Clever and engaging! Tommy Twimble explores and celebrates our universal curiosity in life”.

            Ben Sandler, Education Director, Congregation Beth Israel


"The Beaverton City Library was proud to bring the comic genius of Thomas Schroyer to Washington County. Before our eyes he transformed into the character Tommy Twimble who forced laughter out of us and brought tears of joy to our eyes. Watching and listening to the young children as they interacted with Tommy was a real treat."

              Marie Selleck, Beaverton City Librarian


“Tommy Twimble’s performance was a hit with the crowd and everyone in the audience seemed to really enjoy themselves. We loved having you - it was a fantastic show'

            Fawn McGee, Lake Oswego Public Librarian