Thomas can cater his performance for the theme of your event,  He also leads  physical comedy workshops for groups or individuals.  

Twimble Live

 *** The year 2016-17 was spent recovering from an open heart surgery(feeling healthy and inspired)  but was productive creating my new show "The Pappy Hour" who spins yarn while performing old school magic and classic vaudeville tricks. 

Recent Shows 2015-16

Umbrella Festival  Portland, OR. Thursday, March 31st -  7pm

Moisture Festival  Seattle, WA  -  Friday March 18 @ 7:30 & 10:30 Saturday March 19 @ 3:00 & 7:30


Fertile Ground Festival Portland, Or   Jan 30-31,  2016

*** Elaborate Albi Theater presents Tommy Twimble at the Clinton Stree Theater along with the talented musical groups, Trash Can Joe and Eric Stern.   

Tommy Twimble's South American Tour 

Jan 17th -March 20th, 2015

   ***Rua Festival, Brazil  -

         Tour: Salvador, Nazaré das Farinhas, São Francisco do                    Conde, Madre de Deus March 13-23, 2015

   *** All Improvviso Teatro, Medellin, Colombia Feb 19th

   *** Arte al Prado,  Medellin, Colombia Feb 20th 



As a physical comedian and vaudeville circus performer, Thomas Schroyer brings a variety of talents to his art of storytelling. His background in mime and acting engage the audience with captivating characters and his use of physical comedy provide a rich experience of humor and physical eloquence. Many of Thomas’ stories are related to the whimsical world of the circus therefore he incorporates amusing props, hat manipulations, and unexpected magic.Thomas has toured from New York City to Mexico City with his storytelling and physical theater at festivals/schools/libraries and theaters. He also offers workshops in storytelling and physical comedy.

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Le Cirque de Boheme Nov 28-30th, Dec 20 - 28th, 2014

Tommy Twimble will be performing some of his favorite routines in the new show "The Lost Shadow" performed in the big circus tent at Cornerstone Garden in Sonoma, CA.